Roy & Roy Inc helps you build and maintain Information Technology (IT) infrastructures for your business. We are also determined to protect your company from security breaches by ensuring compliance with industry standards and by offering our consulting services. Investing wisely on technology that is fast and effective with long lasting usability increases your efficiency and will ultimately save you time and money.

Roy & Roy Inc, provides end-to-end information systems consulting and management consulting, from up front business strategic planning and analysis through systems design, implementation and support of advanced networks and software applications.

If you're looking for software application solutions tailored to fit your needs, you want us to be your application solutions provider. From design and development to support, we know there's only one way to help you overcome your software application challenges - providing solutions that work for your business, not against it.

Efficient and effective businesses are connected - on a personal level, a network level and a computer level. Whether you are implementing large-scale applications (ERP, CRM, Custom, Package), moving to a new location, or going through any substantial changes within your business, you need a reliable infrastructure. Depend on Roy & Roy Inc for all your network and infrastructure solutions, from assessment and design to support services and desktop management. We're here for you!.

Following are the core area of consultation we offer:

Customization and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) connected with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and E-commerce applications. No matter the size, we provide customization and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) connected with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and E-commerce applications. We provide offshore development and onsite implementation.

We offer customized solutions to our  clients through consulting and software services enabled by a B2B components repository resulting in substantial increase in business effectiveness.

Our services portfolio includes end-to-end infrastructure management encompassing network devices, security, databases, systems, and Internet site operations management, allowing corporations to focus on their core business. A comprehensive solution of 24x7 Advanced Infrastructure Management Services delivered through a combination of automated tools and engineering expertise enables organizations to build and maintain a technology infrastructure that is scalable, reliable, cost-effective and easily adaptable to dynamic business requirements.

Provide experienced engineers for onsite developments and implementation.