Remote System Administration service has been designed to complement your IT infrastructure by diverting time consuming monitoring and system management tasks away from your existing IT team, freeing them up for more productive duties.

The Remote System Administration service views, identifies and fixes problems on your IT systems in real time, remotely, twenty four hours a day and seven days a week without compromising network security. Our highly skilled system engineers provide real time system administration, fault diagnosis and trouble shooting.

On-going maintenance checks are carried out to identify potential problems and quickly fix them before they escalate to threaten the stability of your mission critical applications. These checks include a measurement of the availability of systems, scanning for known bugs, enhancements, software upgrades and a technical health check.

How we helps your organization:

The need to staff a full-time systems administrator is eliminated.
Server performance is monitored regularly and any anomalies are reported to you.
We make routine adjustments to your system to ensure top performance.
We provide a log of the maintenance of your system.

Daily Support

Check back-up status (reacts to backup logs).
Check operating system event logs for any conditions that may cause data loss or lack of service and proactively report failures to Monolith support for resolution.

Weekly support

Check free disk space and proactively report failures to Monolith support for resolution.
Review history of Windows Operating System event logs and clean up.
Review performance thresholds.

Other supports

Install service packs and hot fixes
Assist in the recovery of data in the event of machine failure
Set up database server log-in IDs and security levels
Assign permissions
Assists in event scheduling, such as backups
Manage users, groups, and profiles
Manage users, rights, permissions, and auditing
Manage shared directories, printers, and connections
Start, stop, and pause any service or remote service
Create and maintain computer accounts
Define/Set tunable parameters
Monitor system performance (os / network / hardware)

Rich International (India) Pvt Ltd.places great emphasis on client communication and our team works closely with clients to ensure that their requirements are fully understood and reflected in the solution which is delivered. Our commitment to clients extends beyond the delivery of the working solution. If we are responsible for the management of the system in operation we utilize an extensive range of monitoring tools to ensure that systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.