System Architecture

The word "architecture" is derived from the Greek word "architecton", which means master mason or master builder.

We design the highest-level concept of a system in its environment. The fundamental and unifying system structure defined in terms of system elements, interfaces, processes, constraints, and behaviors.

We provide design methodologies to identify hardware platforms, automated processes, manual procedures, databases, organizational structures and similar dimensions of a selected solution. At Roy & Roy Inc, business experts and technology specialists understand each other's needs to develop a state-of-the-art system architecture.

We support re-engineering of organizations and their mission-critical systems. This support includes requirements analysis, operational architecture design, modeling and simulation of the operational architecture, and the systems to evaluate performance at various levels of detail. We design business processes, business rules, business data, and organizational structure.

We perform:

  Top down analysis of business functions
  Business-focused IT project prioritization
  Risk assessment and contingency planning

Your Benefits:

  Recognize the actual scope of a potential change
  Instill ownership of business problems and solutions
  Flush out overlap between competing projects
  Achieve consensus across multiple functional areas
  Prioritize competing projects
  Increase understanding of project scope
  Define project deliverables consistentl